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Why we look at the elevator ceiling or floor?

All of us when we get into an elevator and a lot of people look definitely or ceiling or floor or button ...

Even when people find two strangers, stand as far away as possible from each other. Have you wondered why? Researchers argue ... that is an automatic instinctive reaction to a threat and operate like you have to defend something, protecting ourselves.

New Site

The company "lifttechnics-Akepsomaidis ¨ created its new corporate site. Here you get to know us and the services we offer, and to see our works.

Lift pure pleasure!

A biscuit company in the United Kingdom found an original way to advertise products to consumers

Who is the fastest elevator in the world?

Where in the world is the fastest elevator? How many kilometers per hour is moving?

The elevator buttons are dirtier than toilets!

The next time you use the elevator, do not forget to wash your hands

People are better when they are higher!

The researchers found that there is a strange and unexpected relationship between the height is one and how good, moral and generous display. The higher the altitude, the greater the virtue, according to a survey of American psychologists



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